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December 2017
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2014 is here and it’s now 5 years since the OC Fairgrounds was put up for sale.  That sale was stopped, but the threats to public fairgrounds continue.

The current issues of the Orange County Fairgrounds are always changing and involving. The news articles from May 2009 to March 2010 on the Sale of the Fairgrounds read like a soap opera. The saga continues…………. We are still in the middle of a huge battle to preserve the Fairgrounds. So much so it is hard to stay ahead of it on the website. We want to encourage you to sign up for our email updates. Go to Contact us and fill out the information.

It is very important OCFPS stays involved because we are the “Watch Dog” society representing the people of Costa Mesa and Orange County.


Orange Co Fairgrounds Derail the Sale Power Point Part 2

This is Katrina talking about back room deals as
reason to stop the sale… it’s at the beginning around 30 sec.

Orange Co. Fairgrounds Stop the Sale Part 3

The People Have Spoken – Stop the Sale of the Orange County Fairgrounds.

Orange County Fairgrounds Sale Process Muddy, At Best.

Jobs Killed and Businesses Busted – What Will Happen When the Orange County Fairgrounds are Sold.

Costa Mesa Was Never Asked If They Wanted the Orange County Fairgrounds Sold.