We won!

Due to rousing community support, lead by the OCFPS, the Orange County Fair Board voted unanimously to preserve the Equestrian Center and abandon the plan to demolish it in favor of an RV park! It was an impressive demonstration of the community’s support for the Equestrians and all the Center does for Orange County. 

We now have an opportunity to build on this victory and work with the OC Fair Board to integrate the Equestrian Center more cohesively with the entire Fair operations. This would allow for the Center to develop and prosper. The Center is a unique resource that offers a variety of opportunities to get closer with horses – from jumping, to vaulting, to therapy sessions on foot.

Additionally the OC Equestrian Center offers many therapy opportunities for students with disabilities such as PTSD, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, and many more. (Instead of etc. should list them all out on the more page) These programs are utilized by children and adults alike.

As any equestrian would agree, horses are the best teachers on the planet. Read more for the full story of the OC Equestrian Center.